Hive Rental / Hosting

Rental bee hives available now. Servicing all of Victoria.


There are many benefits to hosting a hive on your property:

  • Pollination for fruit and vegetables - Increase your yield.
  • Raw local honey produced from the flora in your immediate surrounding area.
  • Help to save the bees! Bee numbers are decreasing worldwide.
  • No need to maintain the colony and equipment yourself, regular inspections and maintenance is all included.
  • No expensive up front equipment costs.


Our hive rental packages include:

  • Hive and bees. Delivered and installed on your site.
  • Regular inspections of the hive (around 10 per year).
  • Hive feeding if required during winter.
  • If you are interested in learning about the bees, you're welcome to help with the inspections.
  • First 10kg of honey produced per hive each year is all yours!

First hive is $25 per month and additional hives are $15 per month (10% discount if paid annually in advance).


If you would like to Rent a Hive on your property or would like further information, please use the form below.