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Swarm of bees on a branch in a treeAs the population in the hive gets too large a new queen is raised. The old queen and half of the other bees leave the hive in search of a new hive.During Spring and occasionally in Summer bees swarm. This is their natural way of reproducing colonies.

When the queen lands (e.g. on a branch or fence) the rest of the bees land on her forming a cluster. There they wait for the scout bees to find an appropriate cavity in which they can build a new hive.

Important Notes:

  • Generally, bees that have swarmed will not be aggressive. 
  • Leave them alone
  • If you are within 100km of Kinglake Victoria, call or text 0432 565 061, or use the form below
  • Otherwise visit to register your swarm and a local beekeeper will contact you.

If you have a colony that has taken up residence in your wall, a tree or some other cavity the removal is a bigger job. Please read on.

Hive Removal

Bee hive removal from a wheelie bin using a bee vacuumThe cost of a hive removal varies depending on the complexity of the job. We will provide you with an obligation free quote and if we are unable to help we can put you in touch with someone who can.If you have a colony of bees that has taken up residence in your wall, roof, tree, bin or somewhere else you need our Professional Hive Removal service. This can involve some destructive work such as removal of wall cladding or plaster. All care is taken to minimise the damage and any work will only be undertaken with the home owner's consent.

Most importantly, leave the bees alone. Don't disturb them, and don't call an exterminator!

If you need advice call 0432 565 061 or complete the form below.