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Your honey is crystallising. It's become grainy and starting to solidify. Time to throw it out right? Wrong! Honey is one of the only food products that has a near unlimited shelf life. Crystallisation or candying of honey is a completely natural process and nothing to be feared. Lets take a closer look. Honey is more than 70% natural sugar and less than 20% water content. You don't need to be Einstein to realise that it's unlikely for all that sugar to stay in solution without some sort of intervention. Many of the larger honey brands, the ones that you...

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We take a look at why bees swarm, and why there's nothing to worry about when they do. Swarming is a natural phenomenon. It's the method that bees use to reproduce and create new colonies. In Spring, as the weather warms up and plants start to flower, bees start to emerge from their winter state and start reproducing. Rapidly. They're building up their workforce in order to collect and store as much nectar as possible while it's available. This is their next winter's food. If the population in the hive gets too large for the space available an amazing thing...

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Weeds. They're a challenge that every gardener faces. But before your pick up that bottle of Round Up, let's have a look at some weed management strategies that will kill weeds, not bees. 1. Boiling water After your morning cup of tea or coffee, take the kettle with any remaining boiling water and pour it over any weeds you'd like gone. This method is great for weeds growing in paths or cracks in concrete. Be careful, boiling water will kill any plant it comes in contact with including those you want to keep. 2. Fire Selectively burn weeds using a...

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